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Lisa Nicole Bell is an award winning content creator, on camera personality, and entrepreneur. Lisa is currently the CEO of Inspired Life Media Group, a company that creates and produces original premium multi-platform content. Working alongside a passionate team, she is an innovative leader who creates, develops, and produces multi-platform content ecosystems and engineers transmedia projects.

Lisa’s thought leadership extends to the stage as a national and international speaker at universities, conferences, and events including TEDx, UCLA, Google, STRAW Bahamas and South by Southwest. She’s also written, edited, and contributed to books on social change, personal development, and business. Prior to starting her current company, Lisa was the founder and CEO of Live and Learn, a standard test preparation company and Inspired Girls International, an educational program development firm.

Lisa holds a degree in Business Law from California State University and completed additional coursework at UCLA. She has been featured in dozens of press outlets including Forbes, Fast Company, Inc, Women 2.0.

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Your Life? Your Choice!

Your life is your choice. How often have we felt helpless in the face of everything that seems to hold us back? The past, the present, money, relationships, weight, appearance, self-esteem, education, connections - we can come up with so many reasons for why we aren't successful. The power to transcend all of that and become who you were meant to be lies within you and the choices you make. Ultimately, you assign meaning to your circumstances; they don't assign meaning to you. No matter where you've been or what you've been through, you can start today and make your…

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