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Wellness Expert Lorraine Mignault is an award-winning inventor, scientist, bestselling author of Die Healthy: Pursuing the Dream of Wellness and Longevity, sought-after speaker and professional vocalist in beauty and health.

Using her Proprietary methods and European Bel Canto vocal training, she ignites a client's success for achieving vibrant health, great vitality, emotional balance, beauty sleep, easy weight management... and truly transforms their life.

Ms. Mignault is Founder and Director of Positive Living Inc. – and is featured in 6 upcoming books by American authors on Health, Business, Leadership and Women Entrepreneurship. Scientific, sustainable innovation is a ritual in her life that validates her expertise and Intellectual Property.

She is an industry member of Food Product Design Inc. and Skin Inc., selected Champion of a Modality by, and nominated Woman of Action by A Celebration of Women.


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How To Be A Spark Of Inspiration For Others

Creating and inventing something are a reflection of who you are - a spark of inspiration in action for others. It helps you change the world for the better and keep a positive focus on the future. It is your creativity that makes you great - and it is the foundation that drives your innovator spirit and expands your vision. Recognize that when you are told "you are a blessing in my life", it is not only a reward but it validates your expertise and dedication to color the lives of others. Understand that innovation can play a significant role…

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