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Lynda McGuirk survived a motor vehicle accident in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts that landed her in a coma for six weeks. When McGuirk regained consciousness, she learned that she’d suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), a condition that made even simple things in life difficult.

As McGuirk searched for resources to ease the transition, she found plenty of books by neurologists and social workers, but very few written by actual survivors of TBI—people with first-hand knowledge of the experience of piecing a life back together after a brain injury.

So, after getting her own life back on track, McGuirk decided to fill the void and wrote this simple yet powerful guide to help anyone who has suffered a TBI to reclaim and enjoy his or her life.

With her intimate knowledge of the challenges faced by survivors and the arduous recovery process, McGuirk equips readers to tackle head-on the challenges of reentering life after TBI, including straightening out finances, dealing with housing challenges, and resuming work.

With humor, grace, and compassion, McGuirk shares her experiences as a patient and survivor in the hope of encouraging others affected by TBI in their journey toward recovery.

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Patience – A Practice for Success

As a survivor of a Traumatic Brain Injury, I experienced a rebirth in my life. As someone who had to re-learn how to successfully work and share with people in every aspect of life, there is one practice that applies everywhere. That practice is patience. Patience is fed with the ability to listen, stay centered and be thoughtful. Trust in those things and there will be patience. Patience proves that the old phrase endures: Good things come to those who wait. What are you waiting for? To get better from an illness? For a loved one to recover from a…

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