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Lyric Benson Fergusson is a spiritual teacher and activist who pushes the envelope of how God is traditionally spoken. She spreads the message of Divine-realization in her transformational poetry book, French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment.

Lyric grew up in Hollywood as daughter of actor/director Robby Benson and singer songwriter Karla DeVito. She spent most of her young life on television sets such as Ellen and Friends.

Lyric was a student at NYU during the attacks of September 11th where her godmother passed away in one of the towers, then while studying at Maharishi University of Management in 2004 a dear friend was murdered in front of her. These circumstances spurred her to diligently seek God within.

At 22 Lyric became a celibate yogi-monk and remained so until she was almost thirty. She would often spend eight to ten hours a day in eyes closed meditation or prayer. It was during these transformational years that she composed her poetic mysticism.

In 2011 Lyric created her spiritual rock and roll album Lyric’s Love Light Revolution co-written by her father Robby Benson. All lyrics from the songs were directly inspired by her poetry.

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How You Can Make the Infinite Your Reality

Never underestimate the power of your heart. Be bold. Be daring. Be courageous—shatter the mold. Be your Self. The world needs you. You are Infinite. You know this... yes? You feel it in your bones. Now, make it your reality. Let your Highest Self dance in every mundane and sacred situation. How? By opening yourself to Wholeness, unashamed and unafraid. Your divinity moving into the moment transforms creation, simply through Being. Act like a seal, belly up in the ocean, allowing the nourishing beams of divine light to seep into your skin—it feels amazing! Give your Highest Self permission to…

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