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Maddie Bradshaw, 13
President M3 Girl Designs, Inc. & Head Designer, SNAP CAPS ™

When 10 year old Maddie Bradshaw had a desire to decorate her locker with something creative, Snap Caps™ bottle cap necklaces were born
and now are a “must have” accessory for tween girls.

With $300 of her own money and a unique idea, Bradshaw’s SNAP CAPS ™ have turned M3 Girl Designs into a national brand, selling 50,000 necklaces per month in less than two year’s time.

Education is important to Bradshaw, and in addition to her SNAP CAPS ™ designs, she is also currently working on her first book. Beyond the Lemonade Stand is an inspirational compilation of stories, inventive business ideas and marketing tools for kids with entrepreneurial spirit and big imagination.

Margot Bradshaw, 9
Vice President, M3 Girl Designs, Inc., SNAP CAPS ™
Sassy and vibrant, Margot Bradshaw was inspired by her sister’s ingenuity and started designing her own collections for the company at 7 years old. Her collections include tween favorites such as “The Jonas Brothers” and the “I heart” series.

Since opening the business in 2006, Margot has progressively become more involved in the organization, maintains good grades and is active in school sports and social activities.

M3 Girl Designs llc. was established in the summer of 2006.
The team includes Maddie, her sister Margot, and her Mom. They create SNAP CAP™ necklaces to celebrate every girl’s unique personality. Collections range from sassy, to simple and sweet thematic design including initials, animals, trends, candy, and fairytales. Each bottle cap is designed by Maddie and her sister and individually hand-crafted with colorful gems and creative embellishments.

SNAP CAPS ™ are now sold in over 700 stores nationwide, with showrooms in Dallas, New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

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Today’s Brilliance from Maddie Bradshaw

My inspiration was during second grade at Hockaday School. I wanted magnets for my locker and then I took a class where we learned how to start a business. They taught us how to take out a loan at the bank, market and sell a product. Our class made stationary. Each of us applied for jobs. The positions consisted of a business manager, design team, advertising, etc. I became the business manager. They taught me how to write a business plan. This whole idea inspired me. That summer, I had my Mom take me to the library to search for…

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