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Author & former BBC Journalist Mags MacKean has drawn inspiration from mountains - quitting her career to scale some of the highest peaks in the world. "Meetings On The Edge, A High-level Escape From Office Routine", charts her hapless adventures, a crippling fear of heights - and the realisation how lasting change can't be external. Transferring the goal-driven values of a sea-level office life for an adrenaline-fuelled quest proved a short-lived high. In her latest book, The Upside Down Mountain, Mags turns her attention to the opposite direction: earth-bound, and how the journey of descent is an unlikely route to lasting fulfilment. She has immersed with shamans in the Amazon, Andes and South Africa. Mags is an inspirational speaker who supports individuals to develop their creative voice and vision, and guides life-changing journeys, including to Peru's ancient heartland. She lives in the city of Bristol, UK

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How to Welcome and Learn from Restlessness

I used to seek change outside myself: a new promotion or job, home, country to explore, a new relationship. I also channeled my restless nature in physical exertion and a full diary. I was goal-driven, and achievement-focused. As long as I was busy, all was well. To slow down made me painfully aware of the discontent that trailed me like a twinge. I started climbing mountains as a hobby. In the outdoors, my mind slowed and I would return to my sea-level life fresh and recharged. Over time, I wanted to commit to my mountaineering passion as a way of…

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