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I am a transformational life and relationship coach specializing in helping young women struggling with unfulfilling relationships regain their confidence and self-worth to have the love they deserve. My life’s purpose is to empower people to live to their full potential, embrace their authenticity and shine their light vibrantly.

Also, as a Reiki practitioner I am able to heal people’s energy. My educational background consists of a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles in psychology, philosophy and political science. I also have a Juris Doctor Degree from Whitter Law School. After graduating law school and pursuing the legal field, I knew I had to follow my real passion, which is inspiring people to raise their consciousness and self-love level.

As a certified coach through the Coach Training Alliance, I create and lead coaching programs that guide people to mastering their psychology and confidently embarking on new life endeavors. My passion for psychology, quantum physics, and in-depth understanding of spiritual wisdoms enable a holistic transformation for my clients.

I am in the process of publishing books, speaking on stages, and empowering more people to live and love vibrantly.

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12 Principles to Rock Your Life

1) What matters in life is finding and maintaining a connection with the most brilliant version of yourself—beyond your physical body and who you know yourself to be. Developing a strong connection with the divine is essential for trusting your own knowing and following your intuition, which will always show you the right path. 2) The question of whether you are worthy is irrelevant because your worth is already established simply by your presence here on earth. When you stop taking things personally and allow your bright light to shine, you cannot help but become magnetic to the right people…

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