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Marina Spence is an author, management consultant, speaker, and teacher of meditation. Of these roles, she enjoys the latter the most. Her specialty is teaching beginners how to incorporate meditation into their busy & stressful lives, just has she has been taught by master meditators in Buddhist and Indian traditions.

Marina is the author of Make Every Day a Friday! The Joy of Connecting Who You Are with What You Do and the founder of The Pink Edge.

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10 Fantastic Reasons to Meditate

"Meditate: Daily relaxation exercises may cut the risk of death from heart attack by 30 percent and cancer by 49 percent." The light I read by was dim, so I held the magazine nearly to my nose. Yep, that's what it said. Cancer runs in my family. Both of my parents, my grandmother, and too-many aunts and uncles all died of it. But the good news, at least for me, is that I've been meditating for nigh onto 28 years. Where is the brilliance in this? The brilliance is that we can all differ from our conditioning, veer from our…

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