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Dr. Mario E. Martinez is a clinical neuropsychologist. He's the founder of Biocognitive Science and the Biocognitive Science Institute. Proposes that most illnesses are culturally learned and the causes of health are inherited. Based on his extensive fieldwork with healthy centenarians from five continents, Dr. Martinez teaches how healthy longevity can be learned at any age. Martinez has published numerous articles in professional journals and books about how cultural beliefs affect the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. His new book is The MindBody Code: How to Change the Beliefs that Limit Your Health, Longevity, and Success.

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Debunking the Myths of Aging and Illness

I propose, based on research evidence from the fields of cultural psychoneuroimmunology, cultural neuroscience, functional medicine, biocognitive science, and cultural anthropology, the following: Illnesses are culturally learned and the causes of health are inherited. Growing older is the passing of time, and aging is what we do with our time based on the culturally-learned premises we use to interpret our experiences. Family illnesses are propensities rather than genetic sentencing. Growing older does not have to be a progressive and uncontrollable deterioration. Addictions and other behaviors of excess are not illnesses: they are socio-culturally learned strategies to avoid fear of accepting…

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