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Marion Witte holds bachelors degree in business administration and accounting, and she has received several academic and professional awards, including graduating Summa Cum Laude from college and completing her education in three years. Upon passing the licensing exam while a junior in college, she became the youngest CPA in the United States that year. While in Minneapolis she worked for an international public accounting firm and she served as president of the National Association of Accountants and the American Society of Women Accountants. She moved into general business management after leaving public accounting, and served as the executive vice president for one of the largest tour operators in the upper Midwest. Upon moving to California, she became a partner in a jewelry manufacturing company, and subsequently formed a computer consulting firm, a real estate development company, a CPA firm and a publishing company.

In 2011, Marion  completed her memoir - Little Madhouse on the Prairie - which relays the story of her life. By shedding light on the cultural roots of her own abuse, she sets the stage for a way out of the cycle of violence against all children. Her memoir suggests ways one can heal from the wounds of their abuse, which if left untreated can lead to self-destruction. By telling her story, she hopes to open readers’ eyes to the serious and long-term damage caused by all forms of childhood mistreatment. She believes that only through awareness, education and healing can society prevent such future violence.

She founded and manages the Angel Heart Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to parental assistance and empowering youth. She is also the Editor in Chief of the Foundation’s sister websites - Next Generation Parenting and Brave New Leaders.

Marion created The Wise Woman Collection, a series of books devoted to education, inspiration and transformation. She has recently completed two books in that collection – Courage of the Soul and The No-Regrets Bucket List, and is working on a third – Simple Treasures – a collection of her poetry and illustrations.

She is currently working with Girls, Inc. and the public school system to develop a self-esteem empowerment program titled Incredible Me for teenage girls.

Marion resides in Ventura, California, where she pursues her Foundation, writing and speaking activities.

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