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Mark J. Estren, Ph.D., received his doctorates in psychology and English from the University at Buffalo and his master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. He has written extensively on medical and health issues, specializing in communicating complex scientific information in easy-to-understand language and in explaining the implications for everyday life of cutting-edge research.

A Pulitzer-winning journalist, he has held top-level positions at numerous print and broadcast news organizations for more than 30 years, ranging from producer of “Report on Medicine” for CBS Radio to frequent health-related reporting for the Bottom Line newsletter group. Among his other affiliations have been The Washington Post, Miami Herald, Philadelphia Inquirer, United Press International, and CBS and ABC News. He was named one of Fortune magazine's "People to Watch."

Experienced in business as well as health and medicine, he was general manager of Financial News Network, creator and executive producer of the national edition of The Nightly Business Report, and editor of High Technology Business magazine. His offices are in Fort Myers, Florida.

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Mark Estren

Transform Your Perception, Transform Your Fear

If only we still faced tigers in the woods every day! Our bodies evolved to handle physical threats like that, not the mental, psychological and emotional threats we now face constantly. Your body's chemicals are not at war with each other, but it certainly feels that way at times! Each of us produces more than 50 hormones, which collectively control how we behave, what we feel and how we respond to the world. The sympathetic nervous system produces fight-or-flight hormones whenever we perceive a threat, taking over from the parasympathetic nervous system, whose hormones keep us calm and serene. But…

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