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You could say MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, Ph.D., is energetically charged. She swapped a lifelong corporate career in the power industry for one where she sparks entrepreneurs, educators, business leaders and service professionals to leap without limits and land in a place where they will grow and prosper.

How does she do it?

MaryAnn, gifted energy healer, speaker, author, coach, understands the fields of energy that connect us all, and she takes audiences through a process that instantly unites their personal strengths with their passion for success.  An inspirational, engaging speaker, MaryAnn’s seminars are at once thoughtful and thought provoking.  The audience naturally awakens to a deeper understanding and a new way of approaching business and life that brings about elegant breakthroughs.  The most requested speaking topics include: the energetics of leadership, thriving in the midst of change, setting yourself up for success and business energetics. Transmuting AHA moments into awareness is profound and under MaryAnn’s guidance the nudges are soft; the results powerful and transformative!

MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, Ph.D. is Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer at, author of 21 Ways To Break Through to Massive Success With Your Next Project, and creator of Flashcards for the Soul™.

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Just Be… A Timeless Treasure

While mystics, philosophers and seekers of truth have been pondering this for thousands of years... the mystery of life was unceremoniously revealed to me one Saturday afternoon.. What began as an ordinary weekend of classes became extraordinary. An unannounced curriculum change opened our class to a special session. Richard, a third year student skilled at shamanic work, had been selected to take us first year students on a shamanic journey. I was hesitant about visiting “invisible worlds” beyond ordinary reality. The thought of venturing to “Lower World” to meet and receive a gift from our power animal was scary. Suddenly…

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