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Mary Ann Halpin is an acclaimed photographer, speaker and workshop facilitator. Mary Ann has created three photography books, Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits, which contains compelling black and white portraits of women holding swords who have dared to approach aging with passion and fearlessness. This book features celebrities such as Joni Mitchell, Cybill Shepherd, Erin Brockovich, and many other extraordinary women. The book contains compelling black and white portraits and the prolific works of these women who have dared to approach aging with passion and fearlessness.

Mary Ann passionately focuses her lens on women’s issues. Her first book, Pregnant Goddesshood: A Celebration of Life, Mary Ann garnered national attention for her book’s powerful images. Controversial at the time, it portrayed pregnant women as radiant and beautiful, and encouraged women to embrace and celebrate their pregnant bodies with a commemorative portrait. This portrait book blazed the trail and inspired photographers to create maternity portraits that are so popular with expectant moms today. Images from Pregnant Goddesshood have been featured in LIFE Magazine. Mary Ann has appeared on television shows such as The View in “Hot Topics”, Inside Edition, Extra!, and A Baby Story where the book sparked heated national discussion. As a leader in her field, Mary Ann has been featured on the hit reality show “Starting Over” where she can be seen generously mentoring a young photographer on the series.

Continuing with the “Fearless” theme, Mary Ann Halpin was a speaker on the “Fearless Women Panel” at eWomenNetwork International Business Convention, Dallas, 2008-2009. Having photographed over 130 women at the two conferences, Mary Ann created her latest photo/essay book, Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom, portraits and stories of forty amazing women who have transformed their life-challenges into life-triumphs. From childhood trauma, physical and emotional illness, to near financial devastation, these courageous women are mirrors and examples for us all. Their stories show us that in order to create conscious change within, we must face our fears and walk through them. Their portraits are visual reminders of their personal courage. You can purchase Fearless Women, Fearless Wisdom on Amazon or at

Mary Ann and her husband, studio manager, Joe Croyle, divide their time between their studio in Los Angeles and their mountain home.

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Now… Be Human

Live in the moment, as that is all we have. It's a fearless way to live and drink of the delicious nectar of this beautiful planet. This is the most amazing time of our history to be living on this planet, especially as a woman. These are fearful times and we have the opportunity to move through our fear and embrace our sword of courage to achieve our dreams to help ourselves and help the whole world. Help our planet heal. Find your tribe and listen to your personal call to action. You may not know what that call may…

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