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Mary Calhoun Brown is an award-winning author and speaker. Her novel "There Are No Words" has been named "Outstanding Book for Young People with Disabilities" by IBBY. Brown visits classrooms across America, giving creative writing workshops for students and spreading her message of acceptance and kindness toward those on the autism spectrum.

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Today’s Brilliance from Mary Calhoun Brown

The truth is, everything I've learned about life has come from my autistic child. "Be who you are" William has never pretended to be something he isn't. He tells people he is different. Why does everyone try to "fit in" when we were born to stand out? And he definitely stands out. At 6'3", handsome, faithful and highly intelligent, William never waivers from the truth of who he is and what he has overcome. He never fails to pray quietly over his meals. He stays late at school. He helps others even when it limits his own free time. He…

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