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Mary Hughes is a life-long learner in the school of life, a wife and mother of 4 boys, and a teacher of Adult Learners. Mary's journey has inspired her to help and encourage others by sharing her insights and life lessons in hopes of giving them a different perspective at looking at the challenges they are facing. Mary dreams of becoming a Life Coach in order to help others realize their full spiritual power and potential.

Ignite Your Universal Light

At times you may feel alone or lost; like you were born at the wrong time, or into the wrong circumstances. As if you are in constant search for a lost ‘something.” That something is the light within you! You may have had a glimpse at the light every now and again and it gives you comfort, like a "coming home" sort of feeling. It stays with you for a time but diminishes as you move along. It comes back to visit and as much as you want it to stay with you, it fades. Maybe you have seen that…

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