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Melanie Miera is the owner and operator of Humpty Dumpty Mural Magic, createing beauty in homes and offices. She is also the author of the Magical Blog.

Melanie's world was turned upside down when her son committed suicide eight years ago. Since then, she has learned so much about faith, hope and the beauty that surrounds us, writing about these things each day. Her words and her paintings are a gift to herself and a way to keep the memory of my son alive in the world.

Melanie wants to share her wisdom with as many people as possible. In her view, "When I can heal the heart of even one person...I have been successful!"

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What We All Desire In Life

Every single person on this planet shares the same desire… Happiness! It is how we imagine our happiness that differs from one person to the next. So what is the key to happiness? Today I would like to share three of the things that I have discovered that have brought me the gift of happiness and revolutionized my personality. 1. Appreciate everything and express gratitude. To live gratefully you simply need to become aware that every single moment is a GIVEN MOMENT. You have not earned it or brought it about in any way, and cannot assure that there will be…

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