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Called the “Efficiency Guru” by business leaders and the media for his revolutionary common-sense approach to workplace productivity, Linenberger has been a sought after management consultant and technology professional for more than 20 years. As a renowned international speaker and seminar leader, he is considered an expert on workday efficiency and task and e-mail management. Linenberger’s work has been featured in numerous business magazines including Fast Company and Investor’s Business Daily.

Linenberger is the author of four top-selling productivity books, including Seize the Work Day and Total Workday Control Using Microsoft Outlook, the #1 bestselling book on Microsoft Outlook for four years running.

Mr. Linenberger received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is a former Vice President at Accenture and IT Director for the U.S. Peace Corps.

Currently Michael leads workshops and gives keynote speeches on improving workday productivity and overcoming workday stress.

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Getting Past Your Fears

My highest teaching is this: do everything you can to get beyond fear in your life and work. By doing that, you will find greater success than you can imagine. Fear holds us back like nothing else. But it's so tough to root out because it's pervasive in our lives—it's in our relationships, our self-image, and, especially, in our work. The work-related fears can be the worst: fear of not making enough money, not being successful, not meeting the expectations of others (usually our boss), or fear of being judged harshly by those around us. Any one of these fears…

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