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Michael Samuels, M.D .is a physician and artist. He is the founder and director of Art As a Healing Force, a project started in 1990 devoted to healing yourself, others, the community and the earth with creativity and making art and healing one. He teaches Art and Healing at San Francisco State University, Institute of Holistic Studies and John F. Kennedy University. He is a bear dancer with the Native Americans three times a year, to heal people and the earth.

Michael has used creativity, art, and guided imagery with patients with life threatening illness and life crises for over thirty years in private practice and in consultation. He lectures and does workshops nationwide for physicians, nurses, artists, and patients on how to use creativity and spirituality in healing. He has organized many nationwide conferences on creativity and healing and visited and participated in projects in hospitals where creativity, art and music are used with patients. He has networked people in the field together and is a recognized leader in art and healing. He is a sculptor and marble carver.

Michael is the author of twenty one books including the bestselling Well Body Book, Well Baby Book, Well Pregnancy Book, and the guided imagery classic Seeing With the Mind’s Eye, Creative Healing, Spirit Body Healing, The Path of the Feather, Shaman Wisdom - Shaman Healing and our new book Healing with the Arts.

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