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Born in Suffolk in 1949 I have been a painter and writer all my life. My inspiration is found in nature in front of the living landscape where painting becomes a connection to our precious Mother Earth and an act of deep meditation. I specialise in gouache and oil painting using reproductions of my work to illustrate my published books and articles. Several of my paintings have become limited edition prints and I have work in collections worldwide.
A lifelong interest in meditation has culminated in a deepening understanding of Self Enquiry and my first book on this simple but profound Practice was published in 2010. My second book, "Self Enquiry: On Being You. A Journey into Truth" was published  by "O" Books in 2016.
I lay no claim to Divine lineage, I worship no Guru or Divinity. My understanding of the importance and profound nature of Self Enquiry has grown as life is lived and the Practice applied to all that is presented to me. But then Self Enquiry is just This.....
I now live in Bridgwater, Somerset from where I pursue a combined programme of creativity and meditation taught to others through Satsang and retreats.

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Be Yourself and Be Free

If the Truth we all seek, whatever that may be, is to be found at the top of a hill, how can you find the direct route, the clearest path? Know who you are. Live with thought-free awareness. The mind is the source of the suffering blocking your path; only when controlled and quieted can Truth be found. A thought can give you a headache, but does not define who you are. Close the lid, turn off the screens, end the illusion by ceasing to believe in it. Relinquish desire. Demand less; give more. Be content with you as you are.…

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