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Michelle Vandepas is a Conscious Livelihood® presenter and professional speaker. Michelle has 25 years of entrepreneurial experience in retail, manufacturing and service industries. She blends her messages of living with purpose and passion with business and livelihood. Her workshops and presentations include bringing intuition, creativity and good old fashioned common sense into business planning. How you live your life is a choice - but sometimes we need a bit of help, guidance and inspiration. (and occasionally bullying and cajoling too!) Michelle offers those to Conscious Entrepreneurs.

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3 Steps For Fearlessly Following Your Dreams

Following your passions, listening to your heart and soul's purpose, and even throwing caution to the wind when following a whim can be great for spontaneous, inspired living. Too often, however, people take huge risks in the name of following their heart's desire, without realistically addressing the risks and fears. In the pursuit of following our desires, we lose all semblances of common sense and just hope and dream that everything will work out. Fear can often be our friend. It can be a useful tool to help us discern when we are unprepared - perhaps putting ourselves in financial or…

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