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Michelle Zarrin is a highly sought after messenger of the internal world. She has decoded profound elements about life that have the power to help audiences connect on deeper levels to the possibilities present to them. Michelle’s background in Social Ecology and Psychology coupled with over 2,500 meditation hours are the cornerstones of her genuine connection to the spiritual realm, the home of each person’s Higher Purpose.

With Michelle’s help, you can transcend internal resistance, move deep into the core of your being, and unlock intention, love, and intuition, while increasing your true potential. She is the author of two books. And contributes weekly spiritual teachings on her website.

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Worthiness Will Definitely Come up on the Path of Spirituality

This topic is one that is bound to come up during each person’s path of spirituality: Worthiness. The deeper we go within ourselves, the more beautiful the internal world becomes. We tap into our purpose. We begin to understand what feeling good is all about. And even though this is all very natural: We are meant to feel good at all times… It is also new territory. The reality is most people have been conditioned into states of mind such as fear and worry – and sometimes these conditionings come from childhood. It’s almost as if we have to reverse…

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