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Miriam Owens is a self-published, Christian author and special education advocate.  She is the owner and founder of  Rhema Publishing & Consulting, LLC. Now happily married and the mother of three amazing children, Miriam discovered her passion for helping others as a teen growing up in New York City. Today, through her writing and advocacy efforts, Miriam continues to uplift and inspire others.  She is particularly passionate about educating and inspiring those dealing with chronic illness or disability.

In 2002, Miriam was appointed by the governor of Virginia to serve on the Virginia Interagency Coordinating Council as a Parent Representative. In 2003, Miriam graduated from the prestigious Partners In Policymaking Program, which is sponsored by the Virginia Board for People with Disabilities. In 2004, Miriam and her family were featured in a television documentary entitled: "Partners: New Leaders in the Disability Rights Movement" which aired on PBS.

Today, Miriam continues to write books which encourage, inspire and support people with disabilities and their families. Her first book, Writes of Passage: Social Illustrations to Illuminate the Paths of Individuals With Autism and Other Developmental Disorders, was released in 2011. Her second book, Helps, Hints and Hope for the Homework-Weary Among Us will be released in the Fall of 2012. Miriam remains active in her community as a source of information and guidance for parents of differently-abled children.

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Fuel Your Gratitude With Faith

Exactly how does that Bible verse go? Is it "in everything give thanks..." or is it "for everything give thanks..."? I have to be honest and tell you that I don't always feel thankful. On nights that homework with my daughter turns into a 3+ hour ordeal, I don't feel thankful. When I was told that my daughter had autism, I didn't feel very thankful. When strangers in stores and restaurants gave us angry stares because my daughter was too loud or too busy for their taste, I felt defensive and angry, but not thankful. God expects us to cycle…

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