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Nadine Lajoie is a Championship Motorcycle Racer, International Inspirational Speaker, #1 Best-Selling author, singer/musician, coach and successful business woman, who semi-retired at age 36 from her financial business and owns 4 businesses. Nadine has a Bachelor in Actuary, and has won over 8 awards in her financial business since 1995 and was also a Canadian Top-10 volleyball player in 2000.

Nadine guides entrepreneurs and teenagers to realize their own dreams in her book, WIN The Race of Life...with Balance and Passion at 180 MPH. Nadine's book touches her readers on a deeply profound level, transforming dreams into realities—completely revolutionizing lives, one dream at a time. She is also co-author of Fight For Your Dreams with Les Brown.

Nadine uses her real-life experiences, along with motorcycle analogies and inspirational guidance, to help entrepreneurs, teens and other groups to charge toward their dreams head on at 180 MPH. Nadine's personal story is incredibly motivating, making her vision of becoming an empowered female in the male-dominated world of motorcycle racing a reality. With over 50 podium placements, as well as garnering great success outside of motorcycling, Nadine is a recognized premier Life Acceleration Trainer. For Nadine, the path to success was paved with setbacks, which she overcame by looking inside to find what she calls "IN-Powerment," offering her audience a powerful message in her struggles and subsequent success.

Nadine, originally from St. Irenee, Canada currently resides in Orange County, California. 

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