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Nan Akasha, CHT, is a spiritual money attraction guide, a wealth esteem coach, author, speaker and hypnotherapist, and law of attraction radio network host.

Nan is the author of Already Rich. Secrets to Master Your Money Mind. Reveal Your Magnetic Wealth Vibe & BE Irresistible to Money! She is also a contributing author to Joe Vitale's Expect Miracles and Vibrant Women's Wisdom books.

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Installing a Wealthy Mindset

I love to help people transform their relationship with money, so I want to share with you a magnetic process for attracting wealth. First, know that you are already rich. Indeed, you cannot NOT be rich! Why? Because the field of abundance is all around you, within you... it IS you! All possibilities exist in this very moment! To live the wealthy life that is your natural state, tune your energy and focus to the wealth you desire. When you tune your vibration to one of wealth, you can attract wealth by focusing your energy, empowering your vision and magnetizing it…

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