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Nancy F. Clark is PositivityDaily’s CEO, a Forbes partner and an expert in developing Business and Happiness programs for companies and executives. A respected authority for 20 years, Clark has been the featured speaker at the Pentagon, National Institutes of Health, as well as major corporations and universities.

Early on in coaching executives, Clark found that learning business skills was important for clients but didn’t guarantee long-lasting feelings of success and happiness. Clark’s education in physics stimulated her interest in the latest scientific research, especially the transformative brain studies related to happiness. She began practicing new habits based on “neurons that fire together, wire together” – meaning the brain can change, and you can achieve a great improvement in self-growth and happiness. She experienced significant changes in her happiness within a short time. She decided to add these ideas to her clients’ programs. The results were amazing. Clients increased their happiness levels, positivity, and were better able to lead others. New techniques also allowed executives to control and eliminate many unwanted habits and shape and instill new good habits. This is the reason she founded PositivityDaily.

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A Random Act Of Kindness

If I were looking back from the end of my life and telling others what would help the world, what would make the biggest difference, I would ask each person to look around today and find a small "Random Act of Kindness" they could do that would help a stranger. I would say to go against your ingrained biases, suspend judgment, and think the best for someone who appeared to be on the other "side." Do something to help them without thinking of a return. I believe that when you envision the best traits for someone in need, they may…

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