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Acknowledged as transformational leader, inspirational speaker and radio/media personality, Nancy Ferrari’s passion, innate curiosity and discovery of her true calling within her personal journey has provided her with connecting with influential global leaders many of whom she has interviewed.

Nancy is dedicated to helping people connect, evolve and discover their true authenticity, core values, and clarity of life purpose and moves people to inspired action within her coaching programs and Essential Feminine Success CircleTM workshops. Nancy blends the power of personal development and the power of visioning to attain clarity of one’s true calling and purpose.

As host of The Nancy Ferrari Show on W4CY Radio within The Intertainment Network, she shares what's right in the world featuring experts who make a difference to her global audience.

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Celebrate YOU!

Along the journey in my life, I have accepted the affirmation that I AM the gift in my life. I never could have imagined considering this belief prior to my transformational path of self-awareness to accept that I AM the gift. It was when I denied the gift of a friend's compliment that prompted an immediate life changing transformation. My friend was disappointed when I didn't accept her compliment that I am a gift in life, which was her gift to me. Imagine if I told you that you truly are the gift in your life. Would you accept it…

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