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Some people are simply born to lead, nurture and inspire those around them: Nancy is one of those people.

When she was ten years old she watched her family begin to break down and end in divorce. Rather than letting herself be consumed by the pain and disappointment, Nancy tapped into her inner strength and did what she could to keep her mother and sisters together. This event fueled her desire to help others realize their potential and overcome life’s challenges. 

At sixteen, Nancy found out that she and her two sisters had Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative eye condition. Over the years, she has experienced subtle yet measurable vision loss, but has not let her condition hold her back. She made the choice to continue to “live full out.” From backpacking across Europe for two months to becoming a professional singer, Nancy has not allowed the obstacles in her life impede her dreams and goals.

She has worked for Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight, she has been a reporter, she loves to travel alone, she owns property in two foreign countries, she enjoys dancing, singing, bicycling, skiing and she has swam with dolphins in open water. In 2001, Nancy earned her California Real Estate License and has worked as a top-selling realtor ever since.

After years of proving to herself that nothing could stop her from living her life full out, Nancy decided to help others follow their dreams by creating a company dedicated to that mission. Nancy is a natural leader, motivational speaker and a certified Empowerment Coach with the Institute of Professional Empowerment Coaching (iPEC). Her experiences and advice resonate with her clients because she herself has faced many of the same challenges and thus her message and life are an authentic example of success.

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