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Nimue Brown is a Druid, author, blogger and celebrant, living on the edge of the Cotswolds, in the UK. She is deeply rooted in the folk tradition, and the landscape of her birth – forest, vale and high blue hill, the winding and treacherous River Severn, the open skies and the ancient dead whose barrows and earthworks are part of this place. Through folk clubs, ritual circles, local creative events and her work with Moon Books, she seeks to create spaces for people to flourish and explore their own creativity. Alongside Druid and Pagan non-fiction texts, Nimue writes poetry, the graphic novel series Hopeless Maine, and assorted fiction titles. She podcasts audio fiction with nerdbong and blogs on a daily basis. Crafting, Steampunk, green living and quiet revolution are all part of her life.

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Permission to Fail is Permission to Live

To give yourself permission to succeed, you also have to give yourself permission to fail. The truth is that real life has mistakes in it. All creativity, live performance, all real exchanges between people and anything that is authentic, will go wrong now and then. Even the most experienced ritualist will make mistakes. Real life has no airbrushes to hide the flaws, no photoshop to take out the wobbly bits, no editor to polish it. Life is lived in one take, with no pausing, rewinding and redoing options. If we hold ourselves to the standards of polished, professional media, we will…

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