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Pallavi Kapoor, owner of The Natural Healing Oasis, specializes in helping people reduce stress by helping them return to and maintain health and well-being. Benefits of sessions with Pallavi can include alleviation of pain, increased energy, reduction in anxiety and depression, increased mental clarity & focus, better health, amongst many others. She also helps you to learn ways to handle the stressors in your life, including helping you to master a positive mindset about life. From this place of wellness, you can have the energy & desire to enjoy time with loved ones, engage in activities you like, and be more productive at work in an enjoyable way.

Pallavi is a Healing Touch Certified Practitioner, has a masters and multi-year experience in social work, and initially worked as a dentist for 5 years. Additionally, her unique life story allows her to understand those struggling with the stressors & losses of life. She is dedicated to healing mind, body and spirit and guiding you to living a joyful life through the use of various holistic modalities. She looks at the whole picture, knowing that all aspects of your life need to be addressed for wholeness and healing to take place.

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Be Joyful, No Matter What

Learn how to let go of negative thoughts and focus on the positive instead. Live in appreciation of all the amazing miracles that life offers everyday, and of the miracle that you are. Live in the moment just like a child and look at everything with a beginner’s mind. If you are able to practice this until it becomes second nature and if we are able to teach our children to retain this ability that they already have, then you will be amazed at how life is always joyful. Remember that we are human-beings and not human-doings. Therefore focus on…

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