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Patricia Walker is the author of the award-winning body/mind/spirit memoir, Dance of the Electric Hummingbird. She maintains her own website at, which features traditional and non-traditional spiritual approaches to life and ways to enhance one’s journey through music, nature, and personal introspection. She is also a Local Chapter Network Leader for The Monroe Institute and a certified trainer/trailblazer for Infinite Possibilities.

Patricia has composed requested guest posts for many online blogs and magazines including Asana Journal, Aquarius Magazine, Best of You Today,, Fort Collins, the American, California,,, and, among others. She’s been featured on such notable Websites as Ultimate Classic Rock,, The Improper Arts, and the Van Halen News Desk. She is a sought-after and experienced radio show guest and an active member of Northern Colorado Writers and Colorado Independent Publishers Association.

She is currently working on her next book, along with furthering her studies in the field of human consciousness and is dedicated to helping others discover their personal paths to self-realization.

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Trying to Change? You Already Are What You Seek

You are perfect just the way you are. You are stronger than you know. The traits you admire in others are traits you also possess. Believe in yourself. Quit looking outside of yourself for your answers; you will never find them that way. Your answers are inside of you. Besides, no one knows better than you what it is you need out of life. You already are that which you seek. Question everything. How can you know what feels right if you don't understand what you're dealing with? And just because someone else believes something doesn't mean it's right for…

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