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Paul Hoyt has two great passions in life and has been pursuing excellence in both of them for over 40 years.

First, he is a Business Consultant who is passionate about helping business owners and senior executives develop and execute growth plans, whether they are just getting started in business or preparing to sell. He is an expert at startup sequencing, strategic planning, financial modeling, capital engineering, all kinds of analytical tasks, and “getting the job done”. His business books and information products, The Foundation Factor (2004), The Capital Coaching Program (2010), The Business Survival Boot Camp (2013), and Beyond Business Survival (2013) have been well received by many.

Second, he is a Spiritual Mentor who loves having meaningful conversations about the nature of reality and the development of consciousness. He studies the masters and does inner work for hours every day. He loves thinking and talking about the meaning of life and human potential. He loves transformational tools that work.

The Practice of Awakening II – The First Light of Joy is his third Inspirational work. He published Remember - A Simple and Gentle Pathway to Spirit in 2005, and The Practice of Awakening – 150 Ways to Raise Your Consciousness Whenever You Choose in 2010. (For more details, visit and

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The Practice of Awakening

The Spiritual Journey is one of a Thousand Lessons, a Thousand Teachers, and a Thousand Ways. There are a Thousand Lessons to be learned in your lifetime – valuable lessons that help you live a happier, more peaceful, more grounded life. Lessons such as Gratitude, Humility, Detachment, Kindness, Decisiveness, Generosity, and so on. With every Lesson comes the release of some inner pain. With every Lesson comes greater Peace and Joy. With every Lesson, the door to Spirit opens a little wider. I think I’ve learned about 200 of these lessons. I know I have a ways to go. Some…

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