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Perdita Fisher, a native of Atlanta, GA, is a proud mother of four and grandmother of six. Perdita shares a general dental/wellness practice with her husband in St. Louis, MO, serving the community over 33 years. Education and Prevention is the focus of the practice. Perdita strongly believes that you don't have to die from preventable disease.

Perdita serves in the US Army Reserve, loves children, speaks to schools and other community events,volunteers for numerous organizations, and has recently written a book. She and her husband operate a dental facility in Israel where they serve persons in need. Perdita loves to travel and is also an independent travel agent.

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Today’s Brilliance from Perdita Fisher

Each day is a new opportunity to have impact and influence in the universe. I ask the creator, how can I serve you today? If I can help somebody, then my living is not in vain. Prayer, meditation, and deep breathing is my way of beginning and ending my day. I pray for the will of God, not my will, to be done. I begin and end my day with gratitude. I am grateful for each moment in this journey called life. I am grateful for the mountain-top experiences as well as the low valleys. I have learned to ask,…

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