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Rachel Cheríe has been writing stories in various genres since elementary school, completing her first novel manuscript at the age of 14, following a severe illness. She self-published her first book in 2005 during her freshman year of college then, after several years of delays and setbacks, got a traditional publishing contract for her initial book, republishing it in 2011 under a new title, Treachery at Martinique Isle. RachelCheríe intends for this to be the first of her many manuscripts to make it to print.

The oldest of three siblings, she has a degree in Business Administration and does web design from home while being a stay-home-mum. Rachel Cheríe, her husband, and son currently reside in California.

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Today’s Brilliance from Rachel Cherie Wood

Sometimes it seems like life flies by too fast. Sure, there are days where boredom stretches the hours or circumstances make a week feel like a year, but regular day-to-day living seems to have a tendency to accelerate over time. The opportunities, ideas, and dreams we start off with as teenagers slip through our fingers as we push through college and stumble into adulthood trying to make heads or tails of what we're supposed to do in life. We try and prioritize responsibly, putting first things like school, making money, and/or paying off debt. Often this cascade of to-dos never…

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