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Rev. Sala Chrispin is an Interfaith Minister, Bereavement Specialist, Life Coach and Author of Honoring Our Loved Ones; A Universal Path for Dying, Grieving, Healing and Living Now. She is the founder and director of Honor Your Loved One bereavement services,, and co-creator of Little Light of Mine children’s spirituality curricula,

Her work is dedicated to serving individuals and families whose lives have been touched by grief or trauma and sharing the power of inner-faith to transform lives and transcend obstacles. Rev. Sala speaks, writes and teaches purely from direct and personal experiences of the Spirit which transcend religion. As an interfaith minister and graduate of the New Seminary for Interfaith Studies as well as an honorary graduate of the International Seminary for Interfaith Studies, she will now serves as a guide to second year students where the goal is to contribute to the shift of human consciousness. She is now committed to sharing her spiritual journey in a way that empowers others to have an experience of living that they absolutely love.

A New York City native, Rev. Sala now lives in Valley Cottage, NY with her husband, three children, dog, cat and tortoise. For fun, she enjoys rollerblading with her dog Faith, hiking with her family and cultivating the gardens with her children.

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Use Your Pain to Find Awakening

The view through my lens is that we human beings, regardless of race or religion, hold a deep longing that is fundamentally one and the same. The differences we see with our body's eyes are the great humor of Life. Our deepest desire is to have a true, intimate experience of living. And we are often led to that deepest experience by some inexplicable pain. Indeed, our moments of loss and despair smooth the rough edges of ego and create an opening in the heart for growth and self-discovery, forging inner faith. In the words of Nobel Peace Prize nominee…

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