Richard Hill is the author of Finding Family: My Search for Roots and the Secrets in My DNA. A decades-long search for his biological family introduced Richard to several forms of DNA testing. Motivated to share his success secrets and tips with other adoptees and genealogists, he created his website,, which makes genetic genealogy understandable to all. You can find him on Twitter @RichardHillDNA.

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Know Thyself–And Nine Other Lessons for a Good Life

By Richard Hill. One of the oldest admonitions of ancient philosophers is to "know thyself." To know who you are today, you need to know where you came from. And that's part nature and part nurture. The DNA you inherited from biological ancestors is the nature. The people who powdered your butt and raised you to adulthood provided the nurturing. Your unique combination of nature and nurture is the hand you were dealt. Learn to accept it and don’t waste any more time wishing your life started out differently. It’s what you do from today on that’s most important. Find…

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