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Riley Hoffer is no stranger to entrepreneurship. The daughter of a mom entrepreneur she learned at a very early age that thinking big was just a normal part of life. Riley manages the recently launched CGKidz.com website, writes a blog and works to share her message with other kids about the three R's: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse.

Her message of "going green" is strengthened by her specially designed Riley water bottle, a 304 stainless steel, eco-chic bottle for kids and teens. The CG Kidz water bottle line includes eco-friendly bottles for baby, kids and adults and her "Green Club in a Box" is donated to schools across the country to help them become more eco conscious, spreading the message of "green", even further. Riley delivered her "green" message at schools across the country in Maryland, New York, Arkansas and in 2009 plans to be in 10 more schools.

Riley Hoffer is the 12 year old daughter of CynerGreen founders, Joe and Danelle Hoffer. Riley goes to school in Cabot, Arkansas where she's in the 6th grade. Riley and CG Kidz.com have been featured in online, broadcast and print publications including: CBS News, Epoch Times NY, Uptown Biz NY, EcoChild's Play, Parent Guide, Family Corner, Mamanista.com, Natural Path and Arkansas Matters.com

Riley is featured coming soon in an article by Parent Guide Magazine and is involved in the upcoming "green" efforts at various schools including the city of Washington DC and her own hometown, Cabot, Arkansas, just outside Little Rock. CG Kidz has recently formed a partnership with Earth Day Arkansas where she will represent the non profit, delivering a "green" message to kids across the state in 2009 into 2010.

For more information, please visit cgkidz.com

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