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Robert Moment is a life and success coach, speaker and author. Robert specializes in maximizing human potential for purpose, happiness and success. With an ability to take the lessons he’s learned in life and apply them to whatever situation someone else is in, Robert Moment excels in bringing out the best in people. His heart and love for people enables him to see who they were meant to be, and then, as a life coach and success consultant, help them to implement a plan to help them reach their goals.
Robert Moment is the author of several life transforming books: How to Succeed in Life, How to Be Happy, Happiness, How to Be Happy in Life, Motivation, How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking and others. Robert made his mark in the business world working for some of America’s most iconic companies, including Citigroup, Xerox and Sprint, among others.

Robert Moment believes everyone on this earth has a purpose; his mission is to help people find it and live it. “Experience how good it feels to be happy in life and living your purpose.” This is not just a slogan for Robert Moment – it is a way of life.

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Be Happy, Living Inspired Daily

How many lives do we get in this world? The answer is ONE. This is one of life’s facts that we cannot add more time than we have. However, we can make the most of the time we've got and that is what can bring us happiness. Millions of people spend their lives searching for happiness when all the time it is right in front of them. Finding joy in the little things may seem rather trite at times, but true happiness is not a place or a time, but a state of being. If you cannot enjoy the little…

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