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Hi. My name is Robert Pagliarini. I know . . . it’s long and hard to pronounce. It’s a great name to have for search engines and when making reservations at Italian restaurants, but that’s where the benefits end. It’s pronounced PAL-YUH-REE-NEE, as in “your pal, Pagliarini.”

I am obsessed with making the most of my other 8 hours to create an ideal life. (Do I have an “ideal” life? No. Am I working on it? Absolutely.) I’m also obsessed with sharing what I know, inspiring others to achieve their ideal life, and learning from others who are improving their lives.

For a guy who hated English class, I’m thrilled to have written The Other 8 Hours, the #1 national bestselling personal finance book, The Six-Day Financial Makeover, and the popular ebook, Plan Z: How to Survive the 2009 Financial Crisis (and even live a little better).

I love sharing my ideas. I’ve appeared as a financial expert on 20/20, Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, ABC Morning News, NPR’s Marketplace and in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Money Magazine and many others.

I write a weekly column for CBS called Your Other 8 Hours at

I am a Certified Financial Planner™ and have a master’s degree in financial services. I am the president of Pacifica Wealth Advisors, a boutique wealth management firm recently ranked one of the top in the nation.

I live with my wife and daughter in Orange County, California. On most Sundays you’ll find us at Saddleback Church, and occasionally at Disneyland.

For more information, please visit

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