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Robin Firestone is known as The Home Business Diva. She is highly respected as an international coach, speaker and trainer in the Personal and Prosperity Development industry. Her monthly business advice column "Ask The Diva" is featured in The Home Business Connection magazine.

Having experienced many personal tragedies early on in life, Robin has learned the importance of giving back. She is committed to volunteering and charity; Robin has worked with learning disabled students and has also chaired numerous fund raisers. As a cancer survivor in her late 20's, Robin subsequently volunteered in the Pediatric Oncology department for a Long Island hospital, founded an "AIDS Awareness Program" on the elementary school level, and still found the time to hold the title of PTA President for her son Brandon's school district!

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Today’s Brilliance from Robin Firestone

Experiencing loss and illness at a very early age, I quickly understood the importance of living every day, and making it count. Be grateful for this ultimate gift called life. I cherish my life and wish for you to embrace your life to the fullest capacity. Life is an incredible, and wild adventure... a gift that we sometimes take for granted. Discover your true destiny. We don't know what we don't know. Just imagine what is yet to unfold for you and your role in the universe, when you are ready to become the master of your own mind. Discover,…

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