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Sandra Dubose-Gibson is a true testament to the power of faith and the infinite potential of the human spirit in everyone. At 25, she began her journey with hair loss when diagnosed with the incurable autoimmune disease, alopecia areata. Within just a few years she developed complete hair loss all over her entire scalp, face and body. The experience was emotionally devastating and initially caused her to suffer from low self esteem and depression.

Over the years through prayer and personal growth, Sandra learned to accept the changes to her self-image and realized that her true beauty comes from within. In 2011 she competed bald in a state wide beauty pageant. She made history and national headlines as the first bald beauty queen of North Carolina when she was crowned 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina.

Sandra is an inspirational speaker and performing artist. Her passion and purpose is to bring awareness to alopecia areata, help women heal from emotional wounds and teach them how to experience personal freedom by developing healthy self esteem.

She is the founder of the Alopecia Community of the Triangle and through her company DuboseEntertainment she travels the U.S. sharing her inspiring personal story and using her gift of song to heal and transform lives.

Sandra’s debut book, My Crown and Glory, it's NOT about the hair, was released in 2012 to kick off Alopecia Awareness Month. The Bald Beauty Queen of Self Esteem is ruling to set the captives free and the exodus has already begun.

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