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Sandy Alemian is an inspirational speaker and internationally known spirit medium.  Her second book, What was God Thinking?! became an international best-seller, hitting #1 on   Sandy is a vehicle of hope, love, truth and healing in the world, inspiring and empowering her audiences to move through some of life's most challenging experiences. For over two decades, Sandy has been receiving Divine inspiration. That wisdom, blended with her engaging humor inspires audiences everywhere to see life through the eyes of love.

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Stand In Your Moment!

Sometimes life doesn't seem to make sense at all, especially when you are surrounded by the darkness of the unknown. Most often, the only sense comes through the healing and growth that you choose to experience. There is a common thread to each painful life challenge. Each experience offers you the opportunity to see the precious gems hidden beneath the pain, to reconnect with God, and to re-awaken to your soul...the true essence of who you are. Life's challenges knock at your door. You cover your ears, so you don't have to hear the persistant knocking, of cancer, of death,…

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