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Sarah Hackley is the author of Finding Happiness with Migraines: A Do-It-Yourself Guide and the online blog The Migraine Chronicles. An editor, ghostwriter, writing coach, and poet, Sarah also is a regular contributor to and was a featured writer in the women’s studies bestseller Women Will Save the World. Current projects include a nonfiction series on financial independence and personal wealth for women and a poetry chapbook.

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It Isn’t Personal

Seek to understand, for with understanding comes acceptance, peace, and – in many instances – love. We cannot hate what we understand. Remove the ego. Everyone you meet, every person who makes you smile, dance, cringe, swear, and scream, each one is simply trying to get through the day the best way she knows how. Each is striving to become the person he wants to be. Each is working to live the life she wants to live. Whatever pain anyone in your life may cause you, remember this: It isn't personal. It is simply a product of that person moving…

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