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Sarah has been teaching group fitness since 2007. She has her MBA from Wharton, her MA in International Affairs from the Lauder Institute, and a BA from Tufts University, graduating Summa Cum Laude in International Relations and Quantitative Economics. This former executive director at Morgan Stanley, professional figure skater, and Fulbright Scholar, is an award-winning fitness competitor, instructor, and author. Sarah talks the talk and walks the walk of empowered fitness…occasionally in Japanese!

Behind her “Dream big. Desire more” motto is the message she wishes to instill in her audience and clients, “Let go of the belief that you’re not worthy of your desires.”

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10 Steps to a Healthier Life

For many of us, work isn't done when the clock strikes five or when the weekend rolls around. Work is done only when we say it is done because there is always more to explore, unwrap, analyze, sell, make, create, or ponder. That's the issue, at hand, for all of us Type A personalities, hard workers, go-getters, entrepreneurs, and workaholics. The sky's the limit...or put, more succinctly, we're the limit. The problem is, we're not meant to be pushed to a limit. We're meant to ebb and flow. We're meant to honor the two sides of ourselves: the active and…

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