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Scott Milford is a former mental health counselor for at-risk youth. For over 20 years, he's helped teens and adults learn skills that lead to greater happiness and personal fulfillment. Scott has been working with individuals and small groups providing behavioral education, motivational training and personalized self-help practices. He's passionate about helping people make the connection between the way they think and act, and how that affects the quality of their lives. Scott shares his personal observations through his blog, Behavior and Motivation.

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Practicing Mindful Happiness

We are a world of people in a hurry. We are stressed and striving to make it through another day. We sometimes feel used and abused. And every now and then, we want to scream at the top of our lungs, joining in the chorus of miserable people saying, "I'm sick of my life!" When is this chaos going to end? Where are we all going? What are we trying to accomplish by living our lives in pursuit of something we can never seem to catch? We're always trying to get a better job, to improve our relationships, pay off…

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