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Shannon is the executive director of Love Hope Strength. Shannon’s younger brother, Ryan, was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the age of 23. Later that same year she lost her grandfather to cancer. Thanks to 2 aggressive surgeries and chemotherapy, Ryan has successfully beaten cancer, received his MBA and is living in Austin, TX (way too far from his sister!).

Prior to joining LHS, Shannon was General Manager of Denver’s Jet Hotel, Manager of Marketing, Events and Corporate Sales for Public House Ltd and Director of Brand Identity for the accounting firm, Grant Thornton. In 2002, Shannon moved to Kenya for an independent brand development project with Tradition Safaris. Shannon received her BS in Marketing from Boston College. She currently resides in Denver, CO.

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Why Not: Seizing Opportunity When It Appears

I always had the sense that I would do something bigger than I could ever imagine with my life - what that was and how I would find it was always the mystery. I spent my life living by the motto "Everything happens for a reason". I took risks that most people would shy away from. And, when opportunities were presented I always asked myself "Why not?". If I could not come up with a valid reason, I always went for it all the while knowing that it would lead somewhere. By nature I am an adventurer, organizer, and brain-stormer…

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