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Sharon Clark Chang grew up in Richmond, Virginia, longing not only to see the world, but to see it become a more tolerant and loving place. She followed an intelligence career with work in advocacy and with minority businesspeople.

Having returned to Virginia after years spent in other cities and countries, she keeps house for a pair of rescued terriers and brings smiles to the faces of fellow motorists with her license plate, “INCRGBL.”

Escaped Alone, her memoir of those early Richmond years that inspired her search for racial, religious, and other forms of nondiscrimination, was published in 2013 and is available from Tate Publishing. Signed copies are available here.

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Today’s Brilliance from Sharon Chang

Giving me 500 words with which to inspire people about living well is sort of like giving a child $500 to spend in a toy store. Where to begin? Let's start with your first job: learning. Your earliest learning is informal, becoming more structured when school begins. All of your learning, though, helps you to grow. The first step in living well is to do everything you can--formally, informally, and lifelong--to extract from all of this learning not just job training that makes you functional in a certain role, but an education. Educate yourself to become a whole person. Learn…

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