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Sheri McConnell is the President and Founder of two global organizations: the National Association of Women Writers and the International Association of Web Entrepreneurs. She teaches women writers and entrepreneurs how to discover, create, and profit from their intellectual knowledge.

She is also the owner of two high-level product and consulting companies: Create Your Group and My Millionaire Friends.

Sheri lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband, their four children, a weenie dog, and two cats.

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5 Ways to Create Passionate Connections

Be of Service Do you know what Web 2.0 is? It is the evolution of the current state of the Internet and the trend of social networking and all of the technology that supports it. I love that the present culture of the Internet has evolved to focus on people and that the technology makes it even easier to be of service. Being of service and helping others feel good about themselves is not only rewarding, it allows you to grow exponentially. You grow internally as a person and externally because your influence will have a farther reach. Be a…

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