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Sherry Ruth Anderson writes and teaches about spiritual development, with a special interest in women's experience and aging as awakening. Her books include The Feminine Face of God and The Cultural Creatives, and her recent documentary is A Woman's Descent to the Sacred. She was associate professor and head of psychological research at the University of Toronto Medical School.

She currently lives in Novato, California and can be reached at

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Sherry Ruth Anderson

How You Can Find Your Internal Compass

Listen for your own deep questions and follow them. Let them guide you the way a compass guides a lost traveler, marking true north when there are no maps... or when the maps you have no longer show the way to where you want to go. Listening like this is soul level listening. You have to be willing, or longing, or desperate enough to turn away from other people's answers. You have to turn toward your unknown self. To take time. Your question doesn't have to look like a question. It can be a fragment of conversation you overheard on…

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