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Some people help you think "outside the box." People say Steven Sashen helps you "think outside the planet where boxes exist."

An internationally known teacher, entrepreneur and television personality, Steven is the developer of the Instant Advanced Meditation Course, the creator of the industry-standard script writing software, Scriptware, and a co-founder of one of the world's largest Internet marketing companies.

Steven's latest project is Xero Shoes, which was featured on Shark Tank this year.

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Guess What? You Are NOT Broken!

You're not broken. I don't care what "issues" you think you have, what "patterns" you seem to be living, what "childhood traumas" you believe are the cause of your problems. All of those are simply theories about why things are the way they are. And worse, they're not even good theories. Oh, sure, they're compelling stories -- like a good book or an engaging movie -- but that's it. Your relationship with your father causing relationship problems now? Just a theory made up by someone trying to make a name for themselves or fill up a workshop. Having relationship problems…

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