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Sylvia Brallier serves. She serves her diverse list of clients, her many workshop attendees, and the highest good for them all. As a supremely gifted energy worker and personal growth catalyst, Sylvia endeavors to find the truth in each client’s plight or transformation, explore its depths and serve the highest intention for each individual she intimately works with.

As a beacon of compassion and blessed with a keen intuitive skill, Sylvia illuminates life’s sometimes rocky path—bringing much needed clarity to a path that many struggle to stay centered on.

She also ably guides her clients to learn essential information about themselves enabling a galvanized shift to take hold—a newfound change or discovery in their body, spirit, emotion and mind.

Whether it be through one-on-one counseling, retreats to the far corners of the world or in-depth workshops, Sylvia delivers to the core need of peoples challenges and brings much welcomed and appreciated, love, humor, insight and wisdom to the experience. Sylvia Brallier serves. Indeed.

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Release Judgment, Choose Compassion

One of the keystones to cultivating a perspective that brings greater fulfillment and happiness is the attitude of gratitude. By ACTIVELY seeking things to be grateful for and appreciate, we begin to see things from a higher perspective. We see the sacredness and the perfection of life, as it is. That doesn't mean we can't shoot for an upgrade too, but we might as well enjoy where we are in the moment as well. I maintain, it's not what happens to you in life, it's what you do with it. Perspective is everything. Once I was walking down a street…

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